Sweets by Charlene

"Just like Grandma's"


Best cupcake I ever ate!  A friend shared one with me and I told her she had to be crazy because I would never share this cupcake with anyone!

Best pumpkin pie I have ever eaten!

So moist that when you remove the cupcake liner it comes away clean!  Nothing stuck to it and that means moist!

Your coconut cake tastes just like my grandma used to make!

It is a wonder your husband does not weigh 300 pounds with all the delicious treats you make…I know I would!

The red velvet cake was so moist and gorgeous that Charlene decided to showcase the cakes’ beauty by putting the luscious cream cheese frosting between layers and allowing it to naturally decorate the sides! I have her bake a minimum of 11 cakes each Christmas for presents.  My pastor always looks forward to his red velvet cake, my daughter loves the coconut cake and I love the carrot cake.

Thanks for making the Easter cupcakes for the kids at the youth group.  They were so cute and the kids devoured them!

The German Chocolate Cupcakes are always a hit with my family gatherings!  It is great to know that you are always on time with these delicious treats.

Love the buck eyes you made this past Christmas!

Your truffles are scandalous! I cannot stop eating them!

The girls loved your shot glasses I had at the party this weekend.  Count on us getting more of these for our parties!  I can even have them for my granddaughter’s birthday parties-just fill them with juice instead of adult beverages!!

I have to have my favorite German Chocolate cupcakes this weekend as I am craving them!  They are my favorite.

Don’t tell my mother but your ginger cookies are so much better!

Sweets By Charlene


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