Sweets by Charlene

"Just like Grandma's"


This dream of mine would not be possible without the support of so many people in my life; however, I want to share a special thanks to a few of them!

To my mother

MaMa, thank you for instilling the knowledge and love for cooking in me.  Your steadfast love and belief in me has always been my guiding light and my heart is always overwhelmed when I think of our special times together.  A girl could never ask for a better best friend!

To my mother in law

Mom, I cannot thank you enough for lighting a fire under me to pursue this dream.  Your encouragement and ideas have been so appreciated.  I also want to thank you for sharing your family recipes with me, especially the “CONGO BARS”. 

To my husband

Carrington, thanks for this wonderful ride of a life we have created!  I also appreciate your critiquing of my baked goods whether you believe it or not!  That is the reason I strive to always make each and every dessert the very best I have ever made!  Most of all thanks for your love and unconditional support throughout this process and helping me realize that dreams can come true!

To my Project Manager

Gaby, thank you for listening to my thoughts and ideas and bringing them to life on this wonderful website!

Sweets By Charlene


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