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I started cooking when I was 10 years old.  I was a “latch key” kid.  Both of my parents worked so I was the first to get home.  I would call my mother at work and she would tell me what to prepare for dinner and how to fix it.  I didn’t mind the cooking and actually looked forward to each new recipe.

When I was in the 9th grade my family moved from a large city to a rural community.  At this point my mother was a stay at home mother but I still helped prepare the dinner meals when I got home from school.  My mother was a terrific cook and I was a quick learner.  My mother has always been my best friend and I have always enjoyed spending time with her!!

Some of my fondest memories are of cooking the big holiday meals.  We would sit at the kitchen table and peel, cut, slice, whatever!  An elderly neighbor would always stop by and join in on the fun.  Wonderful aromas would fill the house and the laughter rang out quite loudly!  I remember my mother would put the turkey in the oven at midnight and let it cook throughout the night.  In the morning the smell was incredible and my father and I would see who could sneak more of the skin from the turkey with my mother screaming at us to leave it alone.  We never did and she knew we never would.  My father went to live with the Lord 14 years ago but I still make sure I sneak a piece for him too!!

I really did not start baking until after I married at 26 years old.  My in-laws love sweets and my mother in law is quite the cook as well.  I then began to fool around in the kitchen with cakes and cookies.  My mother in law graciously passed down family recipes and I began to make the baked goods for our family gatherings.  Now, I must say my husband and his parents are quite the critics when it comes to their sweets and I simply cannot stand for anything but excellent reviews so I had to get my game on and still do!

My husband and I moved to the big city a few years after marriage and took jobs there.  We lived a comfortable lifestyle and entertained friends on the weekends.  I always had a special dessert for my guest to try.  After some years my father passed away un-expectantly at an early age.  I then decided I wanted to move back home to be available to my mother and his parents as they were getting older and I realized how much I had missed with my father.

I went to work at a local bank and began to share my goodies for occasions there such as bake sales, birthdays, etc.  I began to get a nice following and soon people were placing orders and paying me for my baked goods.  My mother’s friends soon found out about my goodies and began placing orders as well.

I love the actual ritual of baking!  It is soothing to me.  But the biggest reward is watching someone take a bite of something I have made.  First their eyes register with this wide eye wonderment and then they starting chewing and then make that wonderful sound, ahhhhh, which lets me know they love it!  At this point I get a feeling of such pride that I was able to bring that joy to that person!!  It is an amazing feeling each and every time!  I never get bored with hearing it!

I have been toying with the idea of bringing my business on line for quite some time now and finally decided the time was right. I had been researching website developers and finally found the company I felt could bring my site to life in the way I wanted.  I called the company and finalized the details and the next day I went to work and was released after 10 years of being employed there.  Talk about timing and signs!! Everything always works out for the best and I really know that now.  I have a peace that I have not felt in years!

I look forward to baking for you and your loved ones now and while I will not hear that "ahhh" sound I will be looking forward to your reviews!



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